- Last updated on 12 Oct 2010 -

(This website has been created to primarily share information about Quoits in Suffolk)


I was first introduced to the game over 30 years ago at the Leavenheath Hare and Hounds, where they allowed myself and some other youngsters from Ipswich to first of all join in their practice nights and then join their League Team. Graham Potter and myself with other members of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) in Suffolk helped to put in new quoit beds and played at the Felsham Six Bells, Bildeston Crown and Holbrook (on the village green) close to the Swan Public House after this. Later we moved into Ipswich and installed quoit beds at the Thrasher. During this time we also had practice beds at the Golf in Ipswich.

When Greene King decided they wanted more parking space for cars instead of beds at the Thrasher we moved to the Golden Hind and later to the Emperor where we are still playing today.


Going back just twenty years there were three Leagues in Suffolk. Stoke by Nayland having 12 teams in two divisions, Hadleigh with six teams and Rougham with 6 teams. There is now only the Stoke by Nayland League with 5 teams and the Hadleigh League with 5 teams.

I will list out steel quoit beds that have now gone during the time I have played and there are probably more that I have now forgotten.

  • Rougham Bennett Arms
  • Hessett Six Bells
  • Monk Eleigh Bull
  • Felsham Six Bells
  • Leavenheath Hare and Hounds
  • Bildeston Crown
  • Butley Sports Ground and later the Butley Oyster
  • Hadleigh Kings Arms, Wheatsheaf and Falcon
  • Ipswich Thrasher, Golden Hind and Whitton King George V Paying Fields
  • Kelsale Eight Bells
  • East Bergholt Carriers Arms and White Horse
  • Fordham Star
  • Lawford Kings Arms
  • Stoke by Nayland Crown
  • Heckford Angel
  • Nayland Anchor and White Hart
  • Wormingford Crown
  • Polstead Brewers Arms and Cock
  • Finningham Railway
  • Woodbridge Warwick
  • Chillesford Froize Arms


Now there are still beds at the Edwardstone White Horse and on the green at Stoke by Nayland where one day knock out games are sometimes played. The County of Suffolk Steel Quoits Association organise one day open cup competitions at different venues to play for historic trophies; the most famous of which is the Lord Rendlesham Cup (see below) .

The Lord Rendlesham Trophy seen with Ray, GP and Derek -
almost 3ft high and made of solid silver (valued at £12,000)
and is
claimed to be the 3rd largest silver sporting trophy in the country.

The Hadleigh League comprises of five teams, two at the Emperor at Ipswich, The Hadleigh Eight Bells, Benhall Sports Club and Holbrook.

The five teams in Stoke by Nayland league are two at the Little Horkesley Beehive, Hadleigh Eight Bells, Holbrook and Emperor.This means that there are now only seven venues left that can host steel quoit games in Suffolk and North Essex. The few people left playing are still enthusiastic about keeping the game going and hope more will join in and there will still be steel quoits played forever more.. : )