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last updated 02/06/2018

Bury St Edmunds Red Lion

also traded as as: Thistle and Crown

historical era: ancient

in the Market-Place

Overview | Historical info

The House, late the Thistle and Crown, in the Market-Place, adjoining to the Wool Hall (Bury St Edmunds) is pull'd down and new built, with new Stables adjoining to the House, and is made the Sign of the Red Lion, with Rooms fashionable and commodious. George Death.Ipswich Journal, January 5th 1754***
Elizabeth Sumpter has taken the Red Lyon Inn, near the Gaol, in Bury St Edmunds. NB. There is a very good Stilyard for weighing Hay, Wool etc.Ipswich Journal, January 17th 1756***

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