Photo of Orwell Tavern


opened 1736

Ipswich Orwell Tavern

13 Orwell Place

grid reference TM 166 443

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listed building grade II

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CAMRA Ipswich & East Suffolk branch.

last updated 18/03/2016

Built (date unrecorded) as a private house and converted into an inn in 1736, according to the Listed Buildings Register.

The building number is from the modern numbering scheme for this street; we record older pubs as being at no. 13 but they are known to have stood further west. The numbers are assumed to have been changed to take account of the many demolitions along Tacket St.

Probably reopened as a new pub for a short period c1900.

(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)