Ipswich Grasshopper

historical era: Victorian / Edwardian

Bramford Rd

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last updated 11/04/2015

This pub appears in the 1861 census; although no house numbers are given, it is known to have been on the south side, possibly at about number 49. We would love to identify the precise location; if you know, please let us know.

David H also tells us that there was still a Grasshopper Pub on Bramford Road in 1865, but it was not listed by 1904 or 1937.

There was also a grocer's shop in Prince's Street called the Grasshopper which is sometimes thought to have been a pub, but currently our best guess is that it probably wasn't.

(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)

Petty Sessions info from Ipswich Journal (Kim Jennings).

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)