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Hacheston Queen's Head

historical era: mid 20th century

The Street

grid reference TM 308 591

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listed building grade II

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last updated 30/07/2016

Now residential.

The current building dates from the early 17th century; it was built on the site of a medieval house.

Bought by Edward Barthrop, of Barthrop Brewery in 1819.

According to the Ipswich Journal on 27th March 1819 an auction of the Queens Head Inn was held at the Golden Lion Inn in Ipswich (on 17th April 1819). The article stated that the Queens Head Inn was then up for sale with two acres of land. "The present tenant (George Hill) and his father (Thomas Hill) have been in occupation of the public house for upwards of 50 years." That is from about 1769 until 1819.

Another Ipswich Journal article covered the death of Thomas Hill in 1817, and the paying of his creditors. This article also mentioned that he was an innkeeper of Hacheston. A third article dated 5th April 1817 covers the sale of two, 1 acre properties adjoining the Queens Head Inn, which were also in the occupation of Thomas Hill.

Thomas Hill was probably born in Framlingham in 1735. He married Elizabeth Chaplin (daughter of Robin and Elizabeth Chaplin) in 1768 at St Michael the Archangel Church Framlingham. The couple lived in Framlingham and had a child there in 1769, named Sarah. Then Thomas heard that the Queen's head Inn was up for lease and applied for and got the lease. The family then moved to Hacheston (circa late 1769).

While living in the Queen's head Inn Thomas's wife Elizabeth gave birth to 12 more children. The first was George, born late in 1770 at Hacheston and baptised on 5th May 1771 at All Saint's Church, Hacheston. The last child was Elizabeth born in late 1790 and baptised on 21st February 1791 at All Saints Church. Thomas Hill continued to run the Queen's head Inn with the help of his son George until his death in 1817, at which time George took over and ran the inn until 1819 when the inn was sold to Edward Barthrop, of Barthrop Brewery. George probably continued to lease the inn under the new owner, but not for long. George died in 1821.

After George's death the inn was run by a Thomas Mowson in the 1830s and 40s however by 1844 a James Hill of Easton took over as innkeeper. It was previously thought that this James Hill was the son of Thomas Hill (the earlier innkeeper of Queens Head Inn) however more research has revealed that this James, was born in Easton in 1791 and is more likely to have been a distant relative (possibly 3rd cousin) as he was buried near Thomas's three daughters in the All Saints graveyard at Hacheston.

James ran the inn from at least 1844 until his death in 1867. After his death the inn was run by a Mrs Elizabeth Hill, believed to be James's grand daughter in law. She ran the inn from 1867 until 1881. After that time the inn was run by a Mr Pratt.

It must now be considered that Thomas Hill, his son George and other family members have held the lease (as innkeepers) of the Queens Head Inn, longer than any other family in the past 250 years.

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Historical information from William Bryant

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