Photo of Cross Keys

Ipswich Cross Keys

historical era: mid 20th century

opened before 1650

closed 1938

22 Carr St

grid reference TM 165 446

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CAMRA Ipswich & East Suffolk branch.

last updated 18/10/2016

This inn was listed in the 1844 White's Suffolk Trades Directory with carriers operating from it to Colchester.

At one time, Carr street was called "Cross Keys Street", named after the pub, presumably.

The original building was heavily remodelled at some point; probably when the street was widened to allow trams to pass, though certainly before the 1930s.

Today the building is used as British Heart Foundation shop.

Listed as 28/26 Carr Street in the 1909 Rates book.

A report in the Ipswich Journal*** on 08 Mar 1740 states :

To be lett, and enter'd into immediately, the Cross-Keys Inn, in Cross-keys street, Ipswich. A well accustom'd House with a Brewhouse, Cellars, Good Stables, Water and other suitable Conveniences; where may be bought Coppers, Coolers and all other Utensils for Brewing of five Combs at a Time, ready fixed; with the Stock of Beer, Household Goods, of the late Tenant, deceased. Inquire at the said Inn, or of Messrs Trotmans Senior or Junior in Ipswich.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Feb 1805 states :

To be sold by auction, at Mr Read's, Cross Keys Inn, Ipswich, a large quantity of good household furniture; 3 good featherbeds, 4-post bedsteads, and green morine furniture, handsome tent bedstead, good mattress, 2 handsome mahogany chests with draws, 2 mahogany dining tables, card and chamber, ditto ditto, 2 elm dining tables, pillar and claw tables, painted chamber ditto, looking glasses, 1 dozen hollow seated chairs, bedside carpets, bason stands, and many other articles.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Feb 1820 states that : Thursday last died, aged 53, Mrs Bryant, wife of Mr Bryant, of the Cross keys , Ipswich.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Jul 1835 states :

To be sold by auction, all the household furniture, and other effects, of Mr Samuel Capon, at the Cross Keys Inn, Ipswich; comprising 6 four post bedsteads and furnitures, featherbeds and bedding, 6 hollow seated chairs, 6 Windsor arm chairs, mahogany dining, Pembroke, and other tables; painted buffet, 12 chamber chairs, fenders and fire irons, glass and earthenware, light pony chaise and harness, and other miscellaneous effects.

In 1871 census 9 lodgers were also listed

Also listed at 26-28 Carr St (1874 to 1900) and may have been rebuilt at around this time?

In 1891 listed with comment, "every accommodation for visitors, moderate charges, opposite new Lyceum theatre."

(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

(*** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)