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Ipswich Globe

historical era: mid 20th century

opened 1579 or earlier

closed September 21st, 1958

last owner Cobbold

24-26 St George's St, IP1 3LH

grid reference TM 160 448

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listed building grade II

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CAMRA Ipswich & East Suffolk branch.

last updated 17/03/2016

The building dates from the 17th century and is owned by the Ipswich Building Preservation Trust.

The license was surrendered in 1958 in exchange for the princely sum of £1600.

A reference in the Ipswich Journal** on 22 & 29 Oct 1726 to the Globe in Ipswich.

Also listed in Globe Lane (in 1839, 1844 + 1871) and at 25 St George st in 1888.

Listed in St Mary at the Tower parish until at least 1881 and in St Matthew's parish by 1891.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Jan 1850 states that : Died on the 9th, aged 35, much respected, David Ly??, late of the Globe Inn, St Mathew's, Ipswich.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Jan 1865 states :

Samuel Cater Smith was suing Mrs R Harsent, landlady of the Globe Inn, Ipswich, to recover £1 the value of a coat lost through negligence. On August 11th 1864 Smith had visited the Globe where he had left his coat and a carpet bag. Mrs Harsent had given the coat to a policeman on the 27th October 1864 who had brought a note purporting to be from Mr Smith. The Judge thought it very negligent of Mrs Harsent to give up the coat, however, it was his belief that the Innkeepers liability did not extend beyond the time that a person was a guest in the house. The case was dismissed.

(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)

Closure date from the Ipswich licensing records.

(some old PO directory information courtesy of londonpublichouse.com)

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

(*** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)